Top 20 Best Remote Work Cities 2021

Author: Jocelyn ter Morsche, marketer at remote company Xoxzo Although living the ultimate digital nomad lifestyle may not be possible yet this year, it’s always exciting to look for new opportunities and dream of new adventures for the future. That’s why we researched the top 20 best remote work cities for 2021! Without further ado, let’s…

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Plum Development Diaries, Episode 03: Asynchronous communication by default

One very important aspect of 100% remote working is that as a general rule everyone works in their own time. Not only can your co-workers be in different time zones from you, they might also be traveling and only check in for work early morning before a day of sightseeing, or they might be going in and out of work as they deal with other aspects of life such as preparing and sending their kids to school.

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Remote Workers Q&A: “Remote Work and Communication” with engineer Jules

This week’s topic is “Remote Work and Communication”. As you all know, communication is the key to remote work. However, with the current COVID-19 crisis many new remote workers reported having a hard time adjusting to online meetings and effective brainstorm sessions, while at the same time fighting the loneliness of not having daily face time with coworkers.

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