What is The Remote Worker Life? 

Working remotely is not about a nomadic lifestyle. It’s not about low commitment, a life of travel, working from a different place every day, and having no home. It could be those things, but that’s a small fraction of a remote lifestyle setting.

That’s why we decided to build The Remote Worker Life: to show to people the real, grounded, and nuance which makes telecommuting what is: a powerful set of tools to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling professional and personal life.

We are a group of people passionate about being effective at what we do. We take the remote lifestyle seriously. We study the best resources, the tools, the pitfalls. We connect with people with similar experiences and learn from them.

There is a huge space between the strict office environment and the “I work in my pajamas and later go to the beach” choices.

That’s what you will find here: an honest and empowering approach to conducting your professional life.

Who is behind The Remote Worker Life?

We are a collective of professionals working in different areas, united by the fact that we all share a remote lifestyle and pursue the exchange of better information on how to develop ourselves. We work under Xoxzo Europa UO, a sister company of Xoxzo.

We also reach out to many people outside our network, getting them to contribute with their own experiences and knowledge, even if it’s different than our own.

If you are a part of this community and want to share with us, please get in touch!