Guest Author: Meltem Algan

I have worked in several countries across various industries – with very little experience working out of a fixed, corporate office.

I love working remotely. 

I love having agency over my day. I especially love that I am not wasting valuable time commuting. 

Today I baked cookies between meetings. Simply because I could. 

If I want to prepare a nutritious meal between emails, I can. If I want to get some fresh air and exercise in the middle of the day, I can. The freedom and flexibility of remote work life is one I am not prepared to give up.

So what exactly do I do?

I am an event planner. I am also the Founder & CEO of a Vancouver-based start-up company, Welcomely.

Welcomely is an online marketplace for planning great small meetings.

On our platform, you can list small meeting spaces, as well as list your services as a meeting planner.

I decided to launch Welcomely during the pandemic, when remote work quickly went from being my norm, to everyone’s norm. 

I believe that remote and hybrid work will continue well beyond the pandemic (may it end soon). In 2020, businesses were forced to develop a “work-from-home” strategy on a whim, and the majority of workers admit they prefer the home office setup. 

If businesses continue to operate remotely (or at least a hybrid model), the need for occasional, professional meeting spaces will of course increase. Finding and booking meeting spaces for workshops, client lunches, VIP dinners, team building activities, etc. can often be a pain to organize. Researching and contacting venues individually can be time consuming and tedious. 

Welcomely solves this problem by bringing all the available meeting spaces to you, in one user-friendly platform.

Remote teams also allow for greater hiring opportunities, from all over the world. 

Without the need for an “in-house” meeting planner, for instance, event planners like myself can list their services on Welcomely and plan meetings for a wide range of clients. From the comfort of your own home. Just because companies are working remotely, does not mean that all of a sudden everyone knows how to find, book, and organize great meetings. Event planners (like myself) are readily available to alleviate the stress of planning and executing a seamless, off-site meeting.

The pandemic has undoubtedly shifted the way we work, and I am so excited for more and more people to experience working remotely on a long term basis. 

To learn more about Welcomely, list your venue or planner services, please contact Meltem at



About the Author

Meltem Algan
Originally from Turkey
Living in Vancouver, Canada since 2018.
Remote worker (on and off) since 2014.
Favourite thing about remote work: the flexibility to incorporate wellness activities and in my work day (ie: meditate, exercise) as I need them.
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