This week we had the pleasure to interview Jessica from On The Road Creative, a constantly traveling company that works on their clients’ projects remotely or on-site. We can’t wait to hear more about her experiences on the road!

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Hi Jessica, please tell us more about yourself! 

My husband, Steve, is originally from Chicago and I am from Florida. After college, I moved to Chicago for work and that’s where we met. He is a Software Engineer and I focus on marketing and SEO. Six years ago, we started our own Web Development and Marketing company, On the Road Creative, and focused on working remotely with teams around the U.S. When we first started out it was just the two of us and our 15-year-old border collie, Herbie. We actually bought an old popup camper and renovated it to fit our needs.

We lived in the popup for about six months and traveled out West to Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota. We were in Wyoming during the eclipse where we got engaged. We decided to move back to my hometown of Pensacola, FL. while we planned the wedding. Herbie passed over to the Rainbow Bridge, but our family grew as we adopted an aussie and a black lab mix. We also welcomed our son Kaiser into the world in December of 2019. We all live in a Grand Design Imagine travel trailer. 

What inspired you to live your current remote work lifestyle on the road?

We both worked from home anyway so we figured why not take this show on the road? 

How many places have you worked remotely at so far? Do you usually stay in one place for a while or are you constantly on the road? 

We are always on the road. We have worked in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Idaho, Utah, Tennessee, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina, and even Poland! We spent a month in Europe for our honeymoon and traveled from Amsterdam to Poland and worked along the way. Right now we are in D.C where Steve is working on a project that requires a few in-person meetings.

What was the most challenging about making the change to remote work? 

I know I am more productive when I work from home, but it can be a challenge if the project manager prefers the 9-5 office model. 

Can you tell us about a fun or interesting experience you had while being on the road? 

When we very first set out to our first RV park, our neighbor in the park was from the same city as us! 

What do you enjoy most about remote work?

Autonomy. I love how it allows me to manage my own work-life balance. I’m also a night person and prefer to work at night when I feel the most creative. 

What are your plans for the future? Do you see yourself living this lifestyle for many years to go? 

We actually almost bought a house recently, but the night before we were going to sign we both felt really sad. So we knew it wasn’t time for us to be stationary just yet. 

Do you have any tips/advice/words for (new) remote workers? 

Find online resources and communities of like-minded people that can help you along the way! 

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