Author: Geraldo Figueras, marketer at remote company Xoxzo

Alright, let’s assume you got your remote working life all figured all. You learned all the important skills. You have a flexible schedule. You can set your home office with ease. You can manage working with different time zones flawlessly. You acquired the habit of staying fit while working remotely. You learned which remote-work software is the best fit for you.

Ideally, your income comes from the one the strongest economies in the world, so your currency is valuated.

What if you could live and work, from north to south?

We decided to browse some monthly rentals around the world to see how much space and quality of life you can get with an average solid-economies salary and spending 35% of that on rental (if you care to know, we averaged salaries from US, Canada, UK, Japan, Singapore and Australia).

A quick disclaimer: we’re using Airbnb as reference, so expect long-term rentals to be considerably less expensive than what we will shown here.

Ok then, come with me and let’s see what the same amount of monthly rental can get you around the world.

This stylish loft in Buenos Aires, Argentina
This small cottage for a Fiji island life in Vuake
This tiny space in Tokyo, Japan
This opulent penthouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This… hmm… this… this in London, England
This dreamy mountain view in Kodaikanal, India
This cozy apartment in the remote work capital, Tallinn in Estonia
All this space for you in Prague, Czech Republic
This incredible decor in Saint Petersburg, Russia
The Mediterranean Sea within grasp in this villa in Tinos, Greece
This limited space in Hong Kong
This renovated apartment one block away from Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This real life Tetris in New York, USA
This simple retreat in icy Reykjavik, Iceland
This whole villa in Bali, Indonesia
This limited space in South Korea’s capital, Seoul
This loft urban view in Melbourne, Australia
This is the view from your cottage balcony in El Nido, Philippines
This stylish and well-equipped apartment in Cape Town, South Africa
This boat (!) in Amsterdam, Netherlands

So tell us in the comments: which one would you choose?

Geraldo Figueras
Originally from Brazil, living in Tokyo since 2017. 
Remote worker since 2012.
Favorite thing about remote work:
My 5 seconds commute from desk to couch when work time is over;
being able to crank up the air conditioner as I see fit.
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