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Welcome to our “Working Remotely In…” series.

The idea with these series of posts is to get good insights on how to get the most out of your remote lifestyle in a particular city.

It doesn’t matter if the said city is not ranked well in terms of the so-called “nomadic lifestyle” rankings you see out there. We believe that remote working is global, and not exclusive to nomad heavens such as Berlin and Chiang Mai.

The picturesque capital of the Netherlands is known for its charming architecture, canals, art and, of course, the infamous ‘coffee shops’. With everything in walking distance, there are plenty of interesting places to discover, whether that is a historical sight or a fun bar, Amsterdam never gets boring.

So what is Amsterdam like for remote workers? Let’s look at some facts first.

Remote Work tradition in the Netherlands

In 2020 Amsterdam was ranked among the best cities for international remote workers. Coming in sixth after Bern, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Luxembourg, with Copenhagen being ranked no.1.  

Among the reasons that placed Amsterdam so high in this ranking were the high percentage of English speakers (91%) and the number of jobs that present remote work opportunities (23%) making the city a great place to be for international remote workers.

This also meant that the city was better prepared for the  COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world at the beginning of 2020, forcing offices to shut down and ask that their employees work from home.

“Dutch people had certain advantages when we went into lockdown,” explains van Doorn, whose employer Auth0 gives all workers the option for flexible work, offers a budget to create a comfortable and productive home working set up, and helps to arrange coworking spaces if needed.

“We’re fortunate enough to be a country where 98% of homes have high-speed internet access, and the Netherlands has the right combination of technology, culture, and approach to make remote working successful. I’m judged on whether I deliver value, not on the fact that I sit at a desk for nine hours a day. ”

Ivo van Doorn 
Even the Dutch King Willem Alexander van Oranje was well-prepared for the pandemic with this excellent work-from-home setup. source: gettyimages

We can agree that the Netherlands was ahead of the remote working curve, so now let’s see what Amsterdam has to offer as a city.

Unique remote working spots in Amsterdam

Let’s discover some unique places, from cozy cafes to modern co-working spaces that you can choose to work from in Amsterdam. And some important first-timer advice: a coffeeshop for in the Netherlands is not the same as a cafe or coffeehouse. So watch out where you’re going!


Zoku is actually an aparthotel, but the café/bar and restaurant space can be used as a flex working space.

Their plan is to be the “international living room” of Amsterdam, which means it’s a great place and opportunity for remote workers to network with like-minded individuals from all around the world.

In addition to monthly memberships and day passes they also have other interesting offers. For example, Zoku’s private work lofts are beautiful private offices that can be great if you need some alone-time away from your noisy family. They offer a ‘workaction’ package which includes 2 workdays with 1 overnight stay. And for those who just want to stay for a couple of hours, they also have a gorgeous outdoor terrace to work from!

Tribes Amsterdam

Tribes has really stepped up their coworking space game and done everything to help make the space as comfortable as possible, helping to increase productivity for their workers. A fully equipped work area with high-speed Internet and all the IT and telecoms infrastructure you need to get creative amidst 5-star amenities.

Some interesting perks include a great library lounge, dry-cleaning services for when you spill your coffee, and even a shoe repair service if the sole of your shoe disappears on the way to work. They refresh the air in their office an astonishing 8 times an hour and lights are installed with the perfect balance to avoid headaches and migraines.

When you sign up for a daily, monthly or yearly membership you can work at any of the 194 locations of Tribes in Amsterdam.

Hackers & Founders

If you are a tech guy or girl, make sure you check out Hackers & Founders, a 100% non-profit organization. Located in one of the main streets of Amsterdam, they are considered to be the biggest community of technology entrepreneurs and developers in the Netherlands. The place started out as a couple of remote-working friends who wanted to work together and build a community. If you want to connect with other like-minded professionals this is the place to go.

The coworking space itself is also nicely equipped and you will enjoy the speedy internet, kitchen access, amazing coffee, and people often get together for meetings, barbeques, and there’s even yoga classes every Wednesday.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post and perhaps are excited to put Amsterdam on your remote work bucket list.

What is your favorite city to work in remotely? Leave a comment below.

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