Author: Geraldo Figueras, marketer at remote company Xoxzo

Ok, so you just made the jump from office life to remote life. You are excited about the acquired freedom and the many possibilities this kind of setting offers. But the honeymoon will eventually be over and you’ll start noticing a few annoyances here and there.

Some things will be hard to tackle, but some of them are easily fixed with a bit of gear investment on your part.

These are the 3 indispensable pieces of tool that I need to have a smooth day as a remote worker.

1)      Proper chair

A few days here and there working in hip cafes and your living room’s couch might be the dream but after a while, your back will feel the pain – literally. Spending hours per day sitting in a less than ideal position will quickly become a problem not just for your physical health, but also your ability to focus.

Buying an ergonomic office chair to have a home helps a lot. Going to coworking spaces and coffee shops that offer a more standard sitting configuration too. Whatever you do, do as your mom said and sit nicely.

Good ergonomics
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2)      Mobile WiFi Router

I’m lucky to live in a country with one of the best worldwide connections ever. Still, as the wise Mr. Gump intelligently put, “life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you might get”.

Trust me: your fantastic internet will fail. Having a backup plan is not only for life quality: it’s life insurance.

Buying a small mobile wifi router was one of my most prized purchases, even more than my Nintendo Switch. Quite a few times I was saved by this little guy when, ironically enough, my internet connection failed me right when that important meeting was about to start.

Not only that but being able to purchase a daily connection on demand is one of life’s greatest luxuries. This will give you the freedom to work from anywhere – and also be a lifesaver for international travel when you won’t ever have to deal with sketchy airport sim card vendors anymore.

“My connection was stable, but then it was not. When I close my eyes at night I still see “unable to connect” in front of me”
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3)      Headphones

Well, this is useful for loud offices as well, but having a proper, comfortable set of headphones that can isolate you from unwanted noises is a big productivity booster. It could be that the coffee shop you’re working on decides to blast their music loudly, or someone is having an energetic discussion. Either way, don’t spare on a good set of headphones.

And please, try it before you buy it. Different head shapes, different headphones. Turns out that some award-winning gear might not be suited for you. That’s what happened to me and my large head. I ended up having to buy a wired version because the wireless ones were too small for me – or too expensive.

“Sorry, did you say something? I can’t hear while I isolate myself with this beautiful song”
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