Working Remotely in HR and Recruitment, Guest Article by Carolina Jacob

Given my role, in HR and Talent Acquisition, working remotely was never a blocker to do my job. Even more, these past few years there are many resources and helpful communities of professionals willing to collaborate and help each other. The virtual setup takes out the barriers among locations and the exchange of experiences, challenges and ideas end up enriching each one of those professionals involved. 

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Top 20 Best Remote Work Cities 2021

Author: Jocelyn ter Morsche, marketer at remote company Xoxzo Although living the ultimate digital nomad lifestyle may not be possible yet this year, it’s always exciting to look for new opportunities and dream of new adventures for the future. That’s why we researched the top 20 best remote work cities for 2021! Without further ado, let’s…

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Plum Development Diaries, Episode 05: What Value Are We Giving To Our Customers?

Author: Geraldo Figueras, marketer at remote company Xoxzo Welcome to our development diaries for Project Plum. We’re a building a work management software for remote workers and we’ll be sharing details of the development process with our community. If you want to know how it all started, just check these blogposts before you move forward: Introduction:…

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